NAR Settlement Agreement Kit

Our NAR Settlement Agreement Kit will assist you in engaging with your clients and adjusting to the shifts in the real estate industry. Adapting to changes in the real estate industry and staying professional can help real estate agents keep their earnings.

10 Tips for Strengthening Your Client Relationships

As real estate professionals, we need to take the lead in communicating with clients rather than waiting for the industry to do so. It’s time to seize control of the narrative to ensure your success during this time of change.

  1. Transparency with Clients – Clearly explain your commission structure and the NAR Settlement Agreement changes  to both buyers and sellers from the outset. Transparency can build trust and help avoid misunderstandings that might lead to disputes about commission.
  2. Written Agreements – Always use written agreements detailing the commission structure, services to be provided, and other responsibilities of all parties involved. This helps ensure that there is a clear understanding between the agent and the client.
  3. Offer Value – Justify your commission through the value you provide. This includes market analysis, marketing efforts, negotiation skills, and the overall effort put into the transaction. Demonstrating your value can help clients appreciate the commission as a fair exchange for the services rendered.
  4. Stay Informed and Compliant – Keep abreast of any NAR Settlement Changes, or to any NAR policies, local real estate laws, and best practices. Ensuring compliance with all legal and professional standards is crucial to avoid any issues that could threaten your commission.
  5. Use Technology – Leverage technology to enhance your services and efficiency. Tools that help with market analysis, virtual tours, and communication can improve the buying/selling experience, making your commission seem more justified to clients.
  6. Networking and Referrals – Build a strong network of satisfied clients and industry professionals. Referrals from satisfied clients can be a strong argument for your commission rates, as they underscore the value you provide.
  7. Professional Development – Continuously improve your skills and knowledge. Certifications, courses, and staying updated with market trends can make you more competitive and help justify your commissions.
  8. Negotiation Skills – Sharpen your negotiation skills. Being able to negotiate effectively on behalf of your clients can result in better deals, which in turn can help justify your commission rates.
  9. Adjust Commission Strategies – Consider flexible commission models if needed, such as sliding scales based on service levels or sale price, to accommodate client needs and market conditions while still protecting your income.
  10. Legal and Professional Advice – Consult with legal and real estate professionals about the best practices for protecting commissions in light of the NAR Settlement Agreement. They can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation and jurisdiction.

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