30 Tips and Templates for an Engaging June Social Media Content Calendar

Regularly posting on social media is one of the best ways to stay top-of-mind with your current and prospective clients. And, by keeping things consistent and engaging with your audience, you can strengthen current relationships and establish yourself as an expert in your field and neighborhood.

This month’s social calendar serves as an idea bank for your daily posts. You know your audience best, so feel free to pick and choose the content you feel they will find most engaging.

Your Guide to an Engaging June Content Calendar

Week 1

  • June 1 – Happy National Homeownership Month! Let’s kick off the month by asking your audience to share homeownership stories. Use our templates to get started.
  • June 2 – It’s PRIDE Month ????️‍????! Show the LGBTQ+ community some support today!
  • June 3 – It’s almost the weekend! Let your followers know what’s on the market by showing off one of your recent listings.
  • June 4 – Help your followers know the benefits of refinancing a mortgage. Point them to our Refinance Article to get tips on refinancing plus an exclusive June offer!
  • June 5 – Get to know your community by asking them to share one fun thing they are doing this weekend.
  • June 6 – Speak some positivity into your life! Share one piece of gratitude you’re taking into the next week and invite your followers to do the same.

Week 2

  • June 7 – Happy Monday! Start the week off right by giving your followers a local market update. Use our Local Expert graphics to get started.
  • June 8 – Let your followers know how to best spruce up their home! Look through our Perfect Planters graphics for inspiration.
  • June 9 – Everyone loves a good spoiler! Tease your sphere by showing them a home that is about to go on the market. (Tip: Coming Soon graphics are in Designs!)
  • June 10 – Help your followers get to know your team! Highlight a team member or trusted partner and share five fun facts about them.
  • June 11 – Take some time today to tap into your personal brand! Use our Personally Branded Magazine designs and add a personal touch to today’s content.
  • June 12 – Let’s take a vote! Poll your audience on their top finishing touches for a home. June 13 – Show your audience they can trust you! Use your platform to showcase a previous client success story.

Week 3

  • June 14 – Start off the week by highlighting a recent business success. Use the Certified Deal Sealer graphics in Designs to get started.
  • June 15 – Let’s talk refinance! Remind your audience of our exclusive June offer for Refinancing a Mortgage that ends on the 20th, and share your top refinancing tip! OR: Let your followers know what you’ve been up to! Showcase a home that is currently under contract.
  • June 16 – You made it to HUMP DAY! Post something motivational to help your followers push through the rest of the week.
  • June 17 – Help your clients gain insight into the current market by highlighting a granular market stat. Use Neighborhood Snaps to get started.
  • June 18 – It’s #FridayFunday! Share a recent funny story of working with a client … and, of course; include photos, if possible.
  • June 19 – Invite your sphere to join you in celebrating Juneteenth, a day that recognizes the official end of slavery in America. Reflect on its meaning while harnessing the power of its message to strengthen the connections within your community. Graphics are available in Designs.
  • June 20 – Where would we be without their bad dad jokes? Celebrate fathers everywhere with our Father’s Day graphics.

Week 4

  • June 21 – Hello Summer ????! Bring in the new season by asking your sphere what they’re most looking forward to this summer.
  • June 22 – Get local! Use our Designs to show off an Open House and invite your followers to attend.
  • June 23 – Help your followers get to know the people in the back. Take the day to highlight one of your valued contractors.
  • June 24 – Do your followers know the current value of their homes? Use Home Value Designs templates to educate them!
  • June 25 – Welcome to the weekend! Share a delicious summer recipe for your followers to show off at their weekend barbecues!
  • June 26 – Share your support for the local community! Highlight a local business and encourage your followers to go support!
  • June 27 – Let your followers see the face behind your posts. Share a photo of yourself doing your favorite summer activity and recommend five additional local summer activities that your sphere can enjoy.

Week 5

  • June 28 – Let’s crush this week ????. Share an inspirational quote to get started on the right foot.
  • June 29 – Newcomers welcome here! Ask your sphere for referrals and gain more traffic on your page.
  • June 30 – And just like that, the month is over! Highlight your wins for the month and share a client success story.

Share Your Success

As you implement these ideas and add your own twist, we’d love to hear your success stories! What templates did you enjoy the most? What prompts lead to the most interaction from your followers? What additional ideas did you come up with for content this month? Share with us in the comments below.