3 Social Post Techniques to Highlight Your Business

When it comes to standing out in the real estate industry, social media is an absolute must. From eye-catching listings to personality-filled stories, how an agent manages their social content is as crucial to their business as their closing process. The problem is with so many social channels to juggle, and so much clutter to cut through, some agents don’t even know where to start. Below are some helpful tips on what to share, when to share it, and how to say it.

Hyperlocal Information

If there’s one thing clients love, it’s hyperlocal information. Keeping current and potential customers aware of the latest market trends in their neck of the woods is a surefire way for agents to position themselves as experts while providing valuable information to their audience. And for agents with a Command account, the hard part (finding the stats and insights) is already done for them.


What to share:

Stats that change on a regular basis (number of houses for sale, average home price, average days on market, etc.)
Local lifestyle insights (hobbies, interests, popular dining and shopping establishments)

When to share it:

Whenever something in the neighborhood changes

How to share it:

  • Create a weekly, monthly, or seasonal roundup to keep your followers informed of the latest changes.
  • Things are heating up this spring, including [insert neighborhood or ZIP code] real estate ! Take a look at the latest market stats.
  • Highlight a popular activity in a specific areaIt doesn’t get much better than the coffee scene in [insert neighborhood or ZIP code] .
  • Browse the fresh-brewed listings in the area!
  • If you have a Command login, make a Neighborhood SmartVideo [Insert neighborhood] has never looked lovelier!
  • Watch my video for all of the latest market stats and local insights.

Tech Innovations

For Keller Williams agents, this one is a no-brainer. With the release of the all-new KW App, and an arsenal of customizable templates in Designs to support it, it’s easy to build the same kind of anticipation and excitement that’s usually reserved for a new product release.

What to share:

  • Client-facing technology (apps, websites, email series, etc.)
  • New features clients should be aware of

When to share it:


What Locals Say

How to share it:

  • Introduce the world to your new KW App.
  • Smarter searches
  • Better collaboration
  • Dreamier houses
  • You’ll find it all in my new KW App!

Client Testimonials

Word-of-mouth recommendations in real estate carry the same weight as they do in any industry. Highlighting a quote from a happy customer is a great way for agents to establish credibility while allowing their brand to shine.


What to share:

  • Quotes and images from happy clients.
  • Stats about how many people you’ve helped buy or sell a home

When to share it:

  • Interspersed between listings and other lead-generating announcements

How to share it:

  • When a customer thanks you for going above and beyond for them. From answering 3 AM phone calls to knocking on doors , there’s nothing I won’t do to make sure my clients are happy.
  • When a client has a positive and unique memory about working with you.
  • Working with people like [insert client] is why I love real estate.
  • Shoot me a message if you’re looking for an agent and a friend .
  • When you help a significant number of people find the home of their dreams.
  • I’m humbled to have earned the trust of [insert number] customers, and if you’re looking to buy or sell a home, I always have room for one more.

Show Your Hyperlocal Expertise

Ready to show off your hyperlocal expertise? Create your own engaging video using dynamic information about your neighborhood. Log into the Campaigns applet in Command, then follow these instructions.